Do I have risk to do all???

Hi,I am 34 years old,doing exercises daily ,eat healthy but because my pregnancy of my two kids ,I have laxity skin especially in my abdomen ,anyhow I am trying to fix some, Im going to do breast lifting and augmentation with silicone gel,and looking to have labiaplasty ,BBL (in same time do lipo for some areas and enhance the shape of my buttock ) but my concern is its save to do all of that in one surgery ? especially I'm going overseas to have the procedure and my surgeon is broad certificate

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Do I have risk to do all

Thank you for your question, this is common for most woman after pragnancy to face this type of problem the best solution for sagging skin is to have tummy tuck surgeon fitness in your condition can not help. There are several reasons that lead to loss of skin elasticity and consequent sagging in the abdominal area. Fat accumulations around the waistline add to the extent of sagging, which prevent gaining form even with dieting or exercise. Stretch marks from pregnancy or frequent weight gain/loss result in unwanted reddish or burn-like marks. Although adequate moisturising can prevent the development of stretch marks, once developed, these marks cannot be reversed. Different liposuction and similar aspiration devices are methods that make it possible to intervene with the fatty tissue, however they are unable to contribute to stretching and sagging skin. These methods also fall short of finding a solution to loosening abdominal muscles that are linked to the inner abdominal wall. Abdominoplasty surgery is the only solution to address intense fat accumulation on the abdominal wall, cracks and stretching from pregnancy and gevsek abdominal muscles. 

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