Should I go for the revision? (photos)

Would love ur help! My Revision is scheduled on 4th of Sept-1 year post-op. Primary Doc saying: still swollen in supra-tip area & columella - wants to inject w/steroids to improve result - says my skin is too thick for another open surgery. Revision doc. says I would benefit from revision with spreader grafts for inverted V, columellar strut for support&projection (4 pollybeak) & tongue in Groove for overall balance btwn columella & alae. Who's saying the truth? Should I go 4 the revision?Help:(

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Revision Rhinoplasty Issues

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Thank you for the photos and your story. Obviously, the decision is up to you and should be based on how your feel about the result. That said, at one year post-op, there is likely some cartilage in the supratip area that needs to be shaved, and the tip itself could be made smaller/more shapely. Spreader grafts are used to correct an inverted V deformity, and are, in my opinion, best placed through an open approach. Best of luck.

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