How to reduce swelling and bruises after Lip Augmentation? (photo)

The lips got very swollen after Teosyal Kiss 1mm injection. especially the bottom lip. The bruises are all over in and out. Please advise how to reduce the swelling and bruises ? If there any natural way to reduce the effect of Teosyal Kiss in case if it's too going to sauna or solarium ? Please help

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To decrease swelling sleep with your head slightly elevated.

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To decrease swelling sleep with your head slightly elevated. A natural way to decrease bruising prior to injection is to avoid aspirin products. You can apply arnica or traumeel creams post injection to the bruise directly (bought at any local health food store) these products also come in tablets and tinctures. Cold compresses applied 10 mins on and off assists to decrease swelling. Avoid hot spaces immediately post treatment to decrease chances of increased swelling.

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