Could you recommend the best non-invasive lifting and tightening solution for the early-40's?

I am a 42 yr old, though I look younger. My main concerns: Frown lines, sagging checks and jawline, under-eye lines and the beginning of a turkey neck. I have access to Thermage, Ultherapy, Fillers, fat injections, CO2 laser and Vivace RF. Could you advise what the best option would be?

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Combination Therapy Using Vivace

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All your options can be used strategically to impact aging face concerns in your 40s. In our practice, we combine the use of the Vivace to tighten the jowls, preiorbita, and neck in combination with volume injections like fillers. This treatment is also a better option for darker skin as it has a lower risk of pigmentary issues especially with the guarded needles at 1 MhZ compared to the Co2 laser. Finally the Vivace is much more comfortable in my experience than Ultherapy secondary to certain technological advances like the Chenvron Circuit, gold needle coating, and the ability to navigate both 1 and 2 Mhz in the treatments. Good luck with your search. 

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