My question is about the chicken pox scars, they are visible in my face, and I need to know how I can remove them. (photo)

Hi, I had a chicken pox when I were young 6 years, and now I have 24 years, and I have scar's of the chicken pox, 3 small scar's one in my knees and the others in my head ( front in French) they are little brown and my skin is also brown but they still visible, i'v gone to the surgery in Dubai ( the best one ) but the doctor said we cannot remove them, this answer shocked me bcs I don't think that there is no solution! Please I need answer , thank you

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Thank you for posting your question. The best treatment plan really depends on the depth, size, and location of the scars. A combination of techniques may yield the best result. Excision procedures can remove the round scars and leave linear marks that are less noticeable. Microneedling and fillers can also even out depressed scars. I would recommend that you meet with an experienced, board certified physician for in-person consultation to determine the best treatment plan for your condition. 

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PRP and ematrix RF in Los Angeles

Chicken pox scars are treatable with a combination of ematrix RF, fractional laser, subcision, PRP, and fillers, 


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