Pollybeak deformity.

Hi, I had my first rhinoplasty a year ago and I seem to have a pollybeak deformity. My surgeon has told me he can only lift the tip to reduce the droopy tip but nothing can be done about the bump I have due to pollybeak. Please advice.

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Polybeak Deformity

Hi mkabir,
It is difficult to give recommendations without photos, but generally, polybeak deformity gives the appearance of a droopy tip. If this is a true polybeak deformity, it can be caused by inadequeate removal of cartilagenous septal cartilage or subtissue, which can only be corrected by surgery; or if the polybeak is caused by scarring, then steroid injection is a very good option. If it is a pseudo-poly beak, and the tip is really drooping, then tip upturning is the solution.

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Pollybeak deformity

The pollybeak deformity is excess fullness in the supratip region due to either inadequate reduction of the anterior septal angle, or excess dead space (empty space) left after reduction that gets filled in with scar tissue. Both are usually treatable with revision rhinoplasty, although the persistent septal angle form is much more straightforward. Seek out a board certified revision rhinoplasty specialist to further discuss. Good luck!

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