Pain on the sides of the breasts and stabbing pain 5 weeks post-op. Advice?

I'm 5 weeks post op Under muscle 425 Ccs For a week post op I couldn't sit get up from a chair,bed Ive also a burning pain on the outer breast sides where the drains were. Ive had to wear the compression bra with strap for 5 weeks now I've stabbing pain in my right breast the doc said he did more work on I also want to know when I can go back to upper body exercise as I was able to do chest press on 90lbs B4 op now I still can't raise my arms Its been uncomfortable&painful at times. Frustrating

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Pain on sides of breasts

Thank you for your question.

It's possible that you are having nerve pain that often can take up to three months to resolve. I would not advise performing upper body exercise for 12 weeks and when you do, ease into it slowly.  Typically, the more you strengthen your pectoral muscles the implants can possibly be pulled up into an unnatural and possibly uneven position. 

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