What can I do about my overbite?

I currently don't have an overbite but I just started my Invisalign treatment due to gaps between my teeth and I noticed in the video I was showed of what my result will possibly look like, I will end up having an overbite. Is there a way to solve this and still close my gaps. (Ps I'm on my second Invisalign tray currently) thank you

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Yes, it is possible to correct overbite problems with invisalign; however this should have been discussed with your provider on your initial visit.  Its best to discuss your concerns with your provider in order to resolve the concerns at the beginning to make sure your expectations are met.

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Overbite after Invisalign

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You need to evaluate your video and look at the end result one more time. If there is an overbite after you are to finish treatment and you want that closed, you should inform the orthodontist that you want that corrected. Your orthodontist controls your treatment. He/she can alter the results. They can send their suggestions to invisalign and they should be able to send you a video back in a few weeks of what the new treatment ending results will be. You may also speak to them about possibly doing a "refinement" after treatment. A refinement is basically when after the treatment if you are not happy with your results, the doctor will re-scan your teeth and submit to invisalign to "fix" the little issues that you are not satisfied about to get the results you want. You and your doctor can decide together what best fits your needs. I recommend you speak to them regarding your concern as soon as possible. 

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