Why is my nose changing after almost 2 years?

I had my nose job on December 2014. And since then, i feel like my nose has been changing so much even until now. It used to be even and now the nostrils look so different. Just 3 weeks ago my nose looked okay, till one day i woke up and felt like the nostrils were different sizes (after a rough pool party). So i was wondering, it is all in my head or can it be possible that jumping in the pool roughly a few times can change how my nose looks?

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Change in Nose, 2years post-op

Hi MariamEG, It is unlikely that the nose will get an abrupt change overnight unless you had an internal stitching technique of alarplasty done in which the nostril size and shape depends on the suture stitch, then the suture loosens.Jumping in the pool or any normal activity will not have any major effect on your nose.

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Why is my nose changing after almost 2 years?Why is my nose changing after almost 2 years?

Thank you for your question,  without photo ı can not tell you the rıght evaluation. you can post some photos whıch can help with evaluation.

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