Any suggestions on movement?

Hi doctors, i had breast augmentation on 17th July 2016 under the muscles 325cc. since last few weeks ago, like in week 4 post op ,i was having alot of movement during sex ( they will be shaking) and i dont wear bras during that time. Is that safe? i dont feel pain but sometimes i feel something weird then i change positions. my dr is not here and difficult to reach him could you please help????

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Movement after breast augmentation.

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It's difficult to advise you based on your description however after 2 1/2 months your healing should be solid and the risks of causing damage reduced.  Do keep in mind that you do have implants in place and as strong as they are you should avoid the extremes of physical exertion or trauma.  It's extremely rare once you are healed to have a patient come in with complications from trauma or overexertion short of being in a car accident so you're probably doing just fine.  Simply use good judgment and common sense in all of your activities.....

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Breast augmentation and Animation of the Implants

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Thank you for you question. Your concerns seem to be related to the "animation of the breasts implants". When placed in a sub-muscular pocket, the pectoralis muscle is usually partially released in order to allow more space for the allocation of the implants and also reduce the ability of the muscle to push the implants in different directions when contracted. Do your implants move significantly when you contract the pectoralis muscle? If this is the case, the most likely explanation is that your muscle still has a significant strength or that it has not been released adequately. Alternatively, if when you contract the muscle the implants hardly move, then what you are experiencing is entirely normal. I hope my explanation helps. When your surgeon is back, he/she will be the best person to examine you and advice you accordingly. 

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