How long should I wait before having more lip augmentation fillers injections? I'm 7 months post op and don't like my results

I did lips augmentation in a very small cheap clinic 7 months ago, I ended up having uneven lips and somehow I feel like some areas are deeper to the inside. I cant remember the type of injection used but I really need to fix it, how long should I wait? I found a great doctor who does amazing lips augmentations and I would like to know if its too early to re-do my lips

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How long in between lip fillers

It's fine to do more lip fillers now. Most people claim that they see the results of lip fillers diminish at about 6 months time simply because your mouth moves a lot so the filler cannot last as long. You are fine to do more filler now, and actually could have done more at any point in time. Always seek a reputable physician injector for fillers.

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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is an art and you should only consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with these injections.  If it has been 7 months then you could go now and have your lips augmented.  Best of luck with your new doctor.

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