Lip fillers swollen lips after 20 days.

I had my lip fillers done 21 days ago and for the past week i have been taking a medicine that delays my period and this causes water retention i can feel my lower lips a little swollen and a tiny cut on the side. Is that normal? I stopped the medicine and as soon as i get my period the water retention goes down, would the swelling disappear? Should i be worried?

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Lip fillers swelling

Hello, Lip fillers can cause swelling that can last for few weeks to few months.Some Hyaluronic acid based  fillers are hygroscopic and tend to absorb water and cause swelling. The swelling is expected to subside completely over a period of time. Other permanent fillers can have more permanent swelling and lumpiness. It is advised to follow up with your doctor who can explain and take care of the swelling if necessary.

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