I've done the labiaplasty a year ago. Now I am pregnant and I don't know how am I going to give birth

I've done the Labiaplasty a year ago .am 11 weeks pregnant and can't stop thinking about how am I going to give birth, c-suction or natural! I don't wanna risk damaging the area down there..

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Vaginal childbirth after labiaplasty?

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If your labiaplasty scars didn't reach the perineum, there should be little risk of damage to your labiaplasty scars with vaginal childbirth. If the perineum was involved, then there is an increase risk for damage in that area, but no different from the damage most women who haven't had labiaplasty will experience. Your labia will not enlarge either. If you had a vaginoplasty, I would certainly heed Dr. Miklos' advice and opt for cesarean.

Delivery after labiaplasty

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Though no one can guarantee that your delivery will be without tearing or obvious trauma, having a labiaplasty should not hamper you from giving birth through the birth canal.  Personally I recommend all women have a C/section as childbirth via the vaginal canal  increases a woman's risk of vaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence.  I am a urogynecologist and make a living putting woman back together....... I personally tell all patients " put me out of business and get a C/Section".  Though there is not guarantee you won't have one of the above problems, it will certainly decrease your chances if you have a C section.
John R Miklos MDAtlanta ~ Dubai ~ Beverly Hills

Vaginal delivery after labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty removes excess tissue from the external genitalia and should not impact a vaginal birth.

Lori Warren, MD
Louisville Urogynecologist

Pregnancy After Labiaplasty

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Much like breasts and breast surgery, how a woman’s #labia or #vagina will respond to one or multiple births is impossible to predict. At best, there will be little changes in the labial area. The vaginal canal is likely to be stretched and have more redundant mucosa. It is possible to have tears in the perineal region or actual incisions by the obstetrician with scar tissue. If you have questions about your labia and new pregnancy your plastic surgeon would be good to evaluate your situation according to your specific case. Best of luck to you!

I've done the labiaplasty a year ago. Now I am pregnant and I don't know how am I going to give birth?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Though your labiaplasty repair can sustain a delivery I would discuss your delivery options with your ob/gyn in order to discuss the best option based on your baby's development.  Hope this helps.

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