I have lots of old scars on my legs and it's annoying me a lot. (photo)

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Thank you for posting your question. There are many options for treating dark scars. Hydroquinone bleaching cream can help lightening them. IPL intensive pulse light treatments, CO2 laser, and chemical peels can also rejuvenate skin and blend existing scars. As of now, I recommend putting on sunscreen and avoiding sunlight exposure to reduce further hyperpigmentation. Best of luck. 

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Brown scars on legs


It would appear that your condition involves superficial brown scars also known as "post inflammatory hyperpigmentation."  This is a common response to even a minor trauma such as insect bites, burns, cuts, etc.  

For discoloration such as this, a prescriptive topical product such as hydroquinone works well.  In addition, Q-switched YAG lasers work well in safely fading the brown discoloration.

There are many options, but the correct treatment plan should be specific to your condition.  The two options we outlined that we use in our practice are cost-effective, safe and appropriate for all skin types, and without any downtime.

See the below link for more information and before/after photos of our patients.

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