I have "light tan" colour skin with black hair. Which laser type and brand would be the most effective? (Photo)

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Safest laser for ethnic scan

Based on the pictures, I would choose a YAG laser.  You do have thick hair and so , you should respond well to the YAG.  WHile alexandrite laser targets pigment more effectively, there is greater risk of pigment changes and burns especially in "tanned" skin even though it may be mild. If there is any concern or doubt, you can always ask for a test spot with more aggressive lasers to see how you will react

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Laser hair removal lasers

For type 1-4, a diode laser, such as the Lightsheer Duet is a good laser. Darker skin types need a 1064 laser. An alexandrite laser is good for light skin only. IPL is less effective in my opinion.

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Laser hair removal

Thank you for your question 77700901. Laser hair removal is a commonly performed cosmetic treatment. There are four common lasers used for hair removal: Alexandrite, diode, Nd:YAG, and IPL. For fair skin Alexandrite is ideal while for dark skin Nd:YAG is best. For skin tones in between diode and IPL work well. There are a variety of brands, but it is more important to look for an office with expertise. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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