Interested in doing a Buccal Fat Pad reduction. Would this be a good option for me or would facial Liposuction be better?(photo)

I am slender and train almost every day (so I am in good shape) but always feel as though my cheecks are puffy and chipmunk like. Please advise.

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Interested in doing a Buccal Fat Pad reduction, ? facial liposuction better? #buccalfatpad #chubbycheeks #liposuction

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Buccal fat reduction is an excellent plastic surgery procedure to improve the chubby cheeks secondary to fullness of the lower cheeks.
Liposuction "of the face" is not feasible because it can damage the nerves of the face ( facial nerves) resulting in facial paralysis. However, liposuction of the NECK (bellow the chin, medical name: submittal liposuction) is feasible to remove the double chin).
If patients would like to achieve a more slimmer face, weight loss and buccal fat reduction could help

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