Baldness in my front & top. Getting lots of confusing suggestion from clinics; what would be ultimate suggestion? (Photos)

I went thru online n enquire about my transplant surgery.from most of them i got almost same ans that i may need 4000-4500grafts. But again there is confusing since some of the clinics says me that i need to do first frontal transplant n after 6 months i have to do top per them if do it all in on session i can ruin my donar area and wont look baldness in my donar area.But somewhere says they can do it one session all 4000-4500 graft in one session. So whats the ultimate suggestion? Plz!

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Procedural capacity

This depends on the capacity of the clinic.  There are surgeons that can achieve a higher graft count harvesting due to increased accuracy and experience, better tools and technology.  Make sure that whichever clinic you speak to, you see actual patients whom have had that large amount of graft harvesting, it is very rare for most folks to have the capacity to go above 4000 grafts in a single setting.  

In the US, that limit is reduced to 3000 grafts for most clinics as most are beginning to learn FUE which takes years to master.

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If you are getting conflicting recommendations from two doctors, see another doctor to resolve the confusi

If you are getting conflicting recommendations from two doctors, see another doctor to resolve the confusion.  Also keep in mind if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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What do I need for transplants

You need depends upon the coarseness of your hair. If is is coarse, then less grafts can do the job (3000 range for front and crown) but if is is fine, then add to that another 1000 grafts or so. Of course you need an excellent and honest surgeon to get the right amount of grafts to accomplish your goals

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