I recently had a hair transplant, will smoking affect the hair growth? (Photos)

How long until the scabs go away? How long will the hair take to grow back? Does it start growing straight away?? How long do I have to sleep with trying not to run my head on the pillow? How long will the transplant last?

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Smoking affect the hair growth

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I strongly recommend you not to smoke  10 days before and after surgery.All scabs should be cleaned with pressured (not gentle) massage to transplant area  after 2 weeks .You may start to gym, heavy exercises and swimming 2 weeks after the FUE operation. Jogging, running, sauna, cycling etc don't give any harm after 2 weeks of operation . You can start to use minoxidil and other hair growth supportive drugs or food supplaments  (those contains biotin, zinc, folic acid, methionine, saw palmetto etc) 2 weeks after surgery. 3 months after hair transplant all grafts take or some of them lost anyway and you can start to your normal life and do everything, including every kind of activity, smoking, close contact sports so on. 

Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Smoking is not generally recommended after surgery. If you are concerned it is best to check

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Smoking is not generally recommended after surgery.  If you are concerned it is best to check with your doctor.  You may want to maximize your healing by not smoking.

Jae Pak, MD
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Smoking after hair transplants

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Congratulations on your hair transplant. I have to say I am unpleasantly surprised by the lack of information that you have received post procedure. Smoking will hinder wound healing and hair growth. The scabs can take up to 2 weeks to completely clear but this is dependent upon your aftercare. Some hairs grow and then shed over the next few weeks and then start growing again at the 2-3 month mark. It will take approximately a year for full results. I really think you should go back to your surgeon and have a consultation to discuss what to expect from your surgery. It is a real shame you are asking these questions after your procedure.

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