I have big front teeth. I want to change it. Are there any side effects of doing that? What is the cost for it? (Photo)

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Ortho with limited Restorative.

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You should undergo orthodontic treatment to expand your upper Arch and Broaden your smile in the premotor areas. Also, you should open up space around the lateral incisors (#7 & 10)so that bonding or veneers could be done on teeth 7 and 10. In making your lateral incisors the correct size, your central incisors(# 8 & 9) will not look so big. Broadening your arch will also show more teeth which will make the central incisors number 8 and 9 not look so big either.
It will cost less to do orthodontic treatment and bonding or veneers on two teeth than it would cost to try to fix this with several veneers. I do not believe treating with multiple veneers is a conservative treatment and would highly advise against that.
Douglas Jopling,  DDS Dallas,  Texas area

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