Hollow eyes and masculine looking face. Any suggestions? (photos)

Is here anyway to fix my hollow and protesting brow bones? I train a lot and although I can't complain much about my figure I feel it has taken its toll on my face with hardly any fat and leaving it looking slightly leathery. What can I do to soften it or make it more feminine? Would the best solution be fat transfer to face?

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Fat Transfer

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Fat transfer is a great procedure for restoring facial volume. Cosmetic fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are also popular options for many people. It would be best for you to meet with a certified and experienced physician to discuss whether fat transfer is the best option for you, as different people reabsorb different amount of fat after the procedure. Hope this help.

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Options are available

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Thanks for your question. In trying to answer it I am wondering if you mean your brow bones (orbital margin) or your temples (infratemporal fossa). Both of these can change with exercise and ageing and can both be addressed with similar techniques.

Typically an ageing face associated with exercise is due to volume (namely fat) loss. This can be replaced with fat or a range of artificial but very safe volumising products. The heavy brow is a sign of fat loss above and underneath the eyebrow itself. The hollowed temples, fat loss from a compartment deep to the cheek bone. Again the same products can be used. The effect lasts months up to years depending on the product chosen. The skin quality is unlikely to be much improved by either of these techniques however and would benefit from less sun perhaps and some non surgical care. 

Hope this helps. 

Adam Goodwin

Hollow eyes

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you will benefit a lot from ha fillers arouND the eyes. In that location they will last for 2 to 4 years and can be removed if necessary.

I think fillers work better than fat in this area.

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