Can my hair transplant be done in one session or two session is required based on recent images that i have uploaded. (photos)

I am 29 years old n i m facing hair fall from last 4-5 years back. My hair type is straight hair(hard).I've consulted online showing my hair pics with couple of hair transplant doctor bt i've been gettin lots of confusin ans. Some of them said i need single sitting and 4000-4500 graft is needed. In other hand some doctors said i need two session within a gap of 6months since i dont have good donar area. Please can any doctor can find out my donar area is good or not n hw many graft may i need?

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You need to see a doctor for a proper exam and understanding of what is possible. You must also

You need to see a doctor for a proper exam and understanding of what is possible.  You must also have a realistic idea of what you will look like after one two or even three surgeries.  If your donor hair is not "good", then 4000 grafts in one session would be very difficult.

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Hair transplant

From the photos, it is difficult to discern the donor area density. However, I would feel certain you will need more than one session, because your non-transplanted hair on the top of your scalp currently will fall, and you will want more grafting to support your transplant. Whether it be one session or two initially, after the fall of the existing hair in recipient area, you will want/need additional grafting.  

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One or two surgical sessions

This is a judgement call by the surgeon who is doing your surgery. Donor density dictates the number of grafts that can be done in one session and possibly scalp laxity if it is a strip procedure rather than FUE

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