What is a good solution for one overlapping front tooth? (photos)

I am looking for a solution for my front tooth that is slightly overlapping the neighbor tooth. It feels as if it's pushing slightly forward due to crowding. I'm 26 years old and have never had braces. Would braces be a good option for me? If so around how long would it take to correct?

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So many Options!

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Braces would be a great option for you.  Of all the great pictures you included, none of them show you biting together with teeth in contact.  That's maybe the only piece of the puzzle missing to tell you how long treatment would take.  But my estimate would be 12-18 months in braces.

Better yet, if you're bite is fitting close to proper, you are a great candidate for Invisalign Full, which would probably last 8-12 months.  I hope that information helps with your decision.

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