Coolsculpting; what's the suitable temperature that should work?

I'm very fit and I did 2 sessions of coolsculpting on outer thighs with 2 different temperatures the first one is -1 and the second with -2 and still no results. I'm in my fourth week after the second treatment. So is it that the temperature was not enough and what's the suitable temperature that should work?

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Coolsculpting Temperature

Dear bolbolbol

The temperature for Coolsculpting can not be adjusted. It is set at the optimum temperature to freeze the fat cells within the time frame that the applicator is on the treatment area. It is possible that your treatment may not have been Coolsculpting. Best to check at the practice where your treatment was performed or seek consultation at certified Coolsculpting practice

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The CS machine temperature cannot be adjusted.  If you had the real CS (and not a knock-off) the temperature setting is set as is for ideal results. 
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Coolsculpting and Temperature

Coolsculpting and the temperature is set by the controls of the machine.  The temperature is not varied.  Are you certain that you had Coolsculpting? The process works by having the adaptor attach to a given area and then after an hour the given area is "frozen".  For the best Coolsculpting results please contact a board certified dermatologist who is an expert in the field.

Michele S. Green, MD
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