Concerned about dental implant: Stitches becoming loose? (photo)

I had a root extraction, dental implant with bone graft as the buccal area was too thin and dentist thought the grey metal would show through. That was 3 days ago, the photo is from day 2. It looks as though one of the stitches became loose and something that (excuse me) smelt like a sanitary towel is starting to come out, sent a pic to the dentist but they didn't seem to be concerned, should I be?

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Dental implants

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I suggest that you visit the dentist for a follow up exam. You do not want to leave infection at the bone graft area as this would cause the graft to fail. 

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The photo seems a bit blurry, but the deep red color suggests an inflammatory process. This may be normal to the invasiveness of the procedure, but please check with your surgeon to rule out infection. 

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