After 3 years of wearing my braces it ended up with slight straight teeth but with gaps? (Photo)

i was wondering with those gaps and i have request my doctor so many time. he advised me that in some case the gum is unable to move down to the teeth, since straighten happens But totally um unhappy with results and couldn't challenge my doctor due to lack of information.Please check my picture and advise me what step i have to fellow.

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You have options

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Sorry you're experiencing this issue. When there's a gap between the teeth, it's almost always because the bone level in that area receded and the distance between that bone level and the point of contact between the two teeth became too far.

Allow me to reiterate, the gums (soft tissue) cannot fill in a big gap all the way to the Point of contact ( between the two adjacent teeth) if the distance between them is too far. 

Hence your options are:

1. Lower the area where the teeth are contacting by either tipping the teeth orthodontically or placing crowns or veneers  

2. Do a gum lift with a corrective bone graft procedure underneath it to raise the level of the bone and gums to the contact point

Hope this helps!

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