4 years lump under my lips after Juvederm filler (Photo)

after 4 years enhancing them got the lump n didnt fade. So i went to the dermatologist he said there is nothing there but it annoys me alot!Went to another plastic surgeon he injected some type of cortisone to desolve it but wat happened was unexplainable it reacted in a very scary way my lips and jaw got so huge!After taking anti infamlamatory pills for 3days it went back to normal!what is that why did it react like that!! Should i be concerned? The doctor told me to not do anything with it.

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4 years lump under my lips after JVD filler

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. Unfortunately without a "before" picture it is difficult to offer definite advice, but based on the area that you are pointing to in one picture this "lump" is likely the formation of your underlying lip muscles, and not due to filler placement or granulomas.  Hope this helps.

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Persistent filler from 4 years prior

If there is a concern about filler remaining and causing a nodule, a simple injection with hyaluronidase can dissolve this. Sometimes after being there for that long, collagen will form and it will be hard to dissolve.

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