18 year old, my nose looks deformed? (photos)

Hello, I fell on my nose when I was a child, and it bled. A LOT. and after a few years, I got hit by a rock on my nose, and it hurt a lot but it didn't bleed. and now, I've been finding difficulty breathing. sometimes I wake up with a pool of saliva on my pillow/ w my mouth open. I have extremely short breath and any activity that requires holding breath tires me. below are pictures of what my nose looks like.

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Nasal Deformity and breathing problems

Thank you for your post. You may have damaged and injured your nose as a result of your described injuries. Your nasal trauma may have resulted in a deviated nasal septum and an acquired nasal deformity. An experienced, expert Facial Plastic Surgeon can evaluate you for the deformity, nasal obstruction and mouth breathing. Fortunately, if your doctor discovers that indeed damage has resulted from your injuries, a primary septorhinoplasty surgery can appropriately treat and correct these conditions. If you are unable to locate a specialist in Dubai, please consider a visit to Houston Texas for a complete consultation. We see many patients from Dubai AE and other countries for these nasal concern. My office and hospital would be happy to coordinate your visit to Houston via our International Services Department. Best Wishes. 

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Nose Deformity and Breathing Issues

Hi a19999993,
First, for the aesthetic features of your nose, it looks from the photos that you have nasal hump making your nose appear droopy, on front view, you have some deviation and broadness on the midbridge, and on base view, you seem to have nostril asymmetry.For the nasal obstruction, there are several possible causes, all of which will need personal evaluation to confirm, however, functional and aesthetic correction of the nose can definitely be done simultaneously is you want to.

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