Dual Fraxel Laser Dangers is It True That It Can Cause Skin Sagging and Fat Loss Scaring and More?

my dermatolgist told me that i will benefit from getting dual fraxel laser im 34 mild skin acne scaring looking to improve my over all skin appearance was excited about getting laser done until reading horror stories about ppl looking 10 years older with sagging skin fat loss scaring and red veins can dual fraxel laser cause all that is it worth it ?!

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Dual Fraxel Laser Treatment

Thank you for your question. When used improperly, and by unskilled practitioners, adverse advents may occur, but those are usually of the pigment type of problem, either too much or a loss of pigment or scarring.  Sagging is a new one that I have never seen.  Sometimes, there is temporary dry skin as the body heals, but this is temporary and resolves in 3-4 months. I hope this helps!

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While the Internet can be a great source of information, it is also a great source of misinformation.  I have never seen or heard of any patient ever having that kind of a reaction to a laser treatment.  I recommend you find a board certified dermatologist you trust and discuss with them the pros and cons of treatment.  It is also very important to understand what any laser treatment can realistically do and what it cannot do.  Good luck.

Peter J. Jenkin, MD, FAAD
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