DST Revision- Possible Removal Of Leftover Suture?

I have suture technique double eyelid(DST) done about 7 years ago, my right eye is looser than my left and there's a small knot at the end of my eyes, visible if I raised my brow. Is it possible to remove the suture ( I don't want any new double eyelid procedure done)after so many years and how is the whole procedure done and recovery time after operation? Thank you so much

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Eyelid suture

Removing that suture should be fairly easy, a small slit is made over the knot and the knot is cut and suture removed. It should not affect the appearance of the eye crease as the surgery was done so long ago.

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DST Revision- Possible Removal Of Leftover Suture?

Although the answer to your question is yes, this is a complicated issue.  You are better off getting a personal evaluation.  Without someone actually examining you and seeing what you are describing, an accurate answer with proper expectations cannot be given. 

Sam Goldberger, MD
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Perhaps the suture is not needed or perhaps it is.


Yes the suture can be removed.  However no one can guarantee that removing the suture will not change how your eyelid looks.  You will be rolling the dice on this.  I would recommend an in person assessment with a surgeon who can talk with you more concretely your options.

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Suture removal is possible.

Yes. This far out from surgery, the suture [if it in fact is a suture] is no longer needed and can be safely removed.

A photo would be helpful.

Best of luck

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