Dst Method. After Second Round, Eyelids Uneven?

Hi. I did dst method twice. The first time was a parallel crease but it wasn't what I wanted. The second time is a semilunar one. So th latest crease on my eyelid will definitely be higher than the previous one. But my left eye seems weird. My eyes opened to th first crease. Which is the lower one. And it don't open to the higher crease which is the higher one. Why is it like that? By the way it's only one month plus after the latest surgery.

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One month too early

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One month is really too early to judge the result. Sometimes the crease can change for a few more months. But double eyelid surgery has the highest complication rate of any cosmetic operation (published rate of 10% in Taiwan).

So be patient, but you might be the unlucky patient who needs a third operation. You might look for an oculoplastic surgeon with experience with Asian eyelid surgery. Where are you located? Can you  post some pictures with and without a flash so we can see what the problem is?

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