Is It Safe To Use Biore Strips For Dry Skin After Rhinoplasty 2 Week Post Op?

I am 2 weeks post op and my nose is extremely dry. It looks like there is layer of dirt on my nose and it is flaky with blackheads. Is it safe to use Biore strips to get rid of the blackheads? Is there any cleanser that can be recommended to make my nose look more presentable? Also is there anything I can put on my columella incision to help with the healing?

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OK to use Biore strips on nose skin 2 weeks after Rhinoplasty?

No, you should not be moving and lifting the skin of the nose that much 2 weeks after a rhinoplasty.

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Post rhinoplasty blackheads and flaking skin

I think a good astringent would be good to use daily and a mild cleanser. Do not use a cleanser near the columella that contains any alpha hydroxy or salicylic acids as this will irritate the skin. As far as Biore strips the problem I would see with them is that you usually have to push them hard onto the skin for them to be effective and peel them off which could aggravate the skin and cause swelling. Mederma is a good topical incision healer however I would discuss this with your surgeon before starting any regimen and get approval. Most columella incisions heal up quite rapidly and are not visible to the natural eye. Best regards!

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