Dry Eyes Before LASIK. Will I End Up with Chronic Dry Eyes?

I have dry eye and saw 2 clinics one recommended LASEK because of my dry eyes (Schirmer test), the 2nd said LASIK is fine because they can treat the dry eye symptoms before the procedure (Tear break-up time test). I chose the LASIK. I am using blink drops 8/day + celluvisc 3/ay for 2 weeks before the surgery. Went for a check-up after one week and they said my eyes have improved. I am concerned about how dry my eyes will be after LASIK. Will I develop chronic dry eyes?

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Dry Eye from LASIK

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Unfortunately, dry eye is always a possible complication of LASIK regardless of any steps taken prior to having the procedure.  Most dryness following LASIK surgery resolves within the first few months after LASIK and most LASIK patients feel the dryness is equivalent to what it was prior to LASIK at about the 3-6 month mark.  There are no guarantees, however, and some patients feel significant dryness even after several years.

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