Dry Eye (Red Scleral Veins) Computer Use?

I was wondering if Dry eyes from computer use can go away easily or if it doesnt matter the cause and I have to undergo a long treatment for my Large red veins in my sclera to go away? Another question is does my dryeye have to heal completely for those veins to start to fade?or do they fade if you still have dry eyes but your condition is getting better? I appologise for asking similar question to this before but I really appreciate your response&care

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Dry eye

Inflammation causes the appearance of the large vessels on the surface of the eye. This inflammation can be reduced by treating the dry eye appropriately. As the inflammation recedes, the redness should improve. However, dry eye is a chronic condition and the inflammation may return if treatment is stopped. Avoid using any over the counter products which advertize a whitening effect. These drops contain drugs that can worsen the situation when used regularly. See your eye doctor to make sure you are treating the condition appropriately.  

New York Ophthalmologist

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