Dry and Darker Skin After Chemical Peel. Have Had Two Sessions of Chemical Peel at an Interval of Two Weeks?

In both sessions, i noticed that my skin looked fairer in starting days after the peel, and it looks fair as long as i am in home But the day i go to my college, my skin becomes dark. as compared to starting days of peel. is it due to i am not properly using sunscreen ? i apply SC after moving out of college premises and often apply it while i am on my way home which i usually cover by walking and by the time it is applied i have had already spent 5-10 minutes in sun, i dont apply SC on cloudy days

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Dry, darker skin after a chemical peel

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For most chemcial peel, the skin may appear dry and darker for the first week, like a sunburn, as the skin peels.  Sunscreen and moisturizer should be applied at least twice daily after most peels.  Sunscreen should be worn daily on the face on both sunny and cloudy days. I don't know how long ago you had the chemical peel.  Your skin darkening may just be a suntan.

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