Am I dropping? (photo)

I am approaching my 7 week post-op date. I can't tell if I am dropping? I don't think I am there yet as I can still see my incision scars when I am standing straight. Do I have more dropping to do? Will they start start shaping into natural looking breasts?

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All of your photos say 7 weeks post-op.  I can't tell if they've changed since they're all from the same point in time.  You should discuss this with your PS.

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Concerns about implant position

in the acute recovery phase should always be discussed with your surgeon. They know where you started at and what progress you have made since surgery. And your goals with your surgeon's guidance should help you achieve your desired results. But they look fine at 7 weeks without knowing anything else about where you started from.

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Am I dropping?

This question is best asked of your surgeon, who has followed your recovery.

I can't say, for example, from just a 7 week photo if this has changed since surgery.

It usually takes up to 3 or more months for the implants to settle. I am not quite sure what you find unnatural appearing at this time. Front views alone don't show everything.

All the best.

Dropping after Breast Implants

It is normal for your breast implants to drop slightly as you heal from your breast augmentation. This can take a few weeks or a few months and depends on you, your surgeon's techniques, and the type of implants. It is impossible to know if your implants will drop more. Your surgeon is the best person to answer this for you.

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