Can This Dropped Implant Be Fixed? (photo)

I am changing my saline implants for silicone, mostly due to rippling and an injury to my right breast causing it to drop. Is it possible to make the breasts even again while changing out my implants? I am also planning on going larger. This is 320cc. I am 5'7 and 125 lbs. Looking for a nice size D. Any suggestions for amount of cc's for my frame? Thank you in advance.

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Fixing a Dropped Implant and Increasing Breast Implant Size

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Your soft tissue coverage of your implants is thin which allows for the breast implants more noticeable.  The positioning of the right implant can be corrected.  There is a chance for recurrence of the dropped implant.  The size can be increased.  I would recommend at least 450cc's to try to achieve your goal of having a D cup size.  The implant size is dependent on the width of your breasts currently.  Your situation is one that should be assessed in person so a plan of correction can be determined.

Thank you for your inquiry.  Sincerely,  Benjamin Schlechter, M.D.

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Can This Dropped Implant Be Fixed

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Thanks for the posted photos, I ONLY respond to posters with photos. It helps better understand the issues. And yes I see the issues. i agree with Dr Rand's posting and add the size might need to be greater than a 450 cc. Best of luck

Fixing dropped breast implant

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It is possible to fix this in experienced hands.  At the least, you need a suture repair of the pocket and new implants (gels would wrinkle less).  You are very thin and it might be necessary to consider using Strattice to make the repair stronger than just with sutuers.

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