What Can I Do to Drop More Weight and Tighten my Skin?

I had my surgery in 2008. It’s going to three years in December, and I have lost a total of 63ibs which brings me to 180ibs. I have not lost any weight ever since. If I lose 15ibs I usually gain them back once I stop working out. I have a lot loose skin in my stomach. Since right now I have no time and I am not able to afford a trainer I am trying the acai berry easy cleanses pills to see if it can help me drop at least 10ibs. What else can I do to help me drop weight and tighten my loose skin?

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Cosmetic surgery in the overweight patient

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There is not much you can do other than surgery to tighten very loose skin. Losing weight and maintaining the loss requires lifestyle changes that in turn change your body composition. Basically you need to increase the percent of body weight that is muscle and decrease the percent of body weight that is fat. You need to change your workouts and diet to build muscle mass and then once its built up start a maintenance regimen.

Small frequent meals so you are never hungry cuts down on binge and junk food eating and eating high protein foods right after a solid workout helps build that muscle mass. Then when you are not working out the higher metabolic rate of the muscle will keep the weight down.

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