Droopy Tip After Primary Rhinoseptoplasty. Is Ear or Rib Cartilage Prefered? (White W/ Thick Skin)

Hi, Primary surgery was septo w/ spreader grafts for nasal valve reconstruction and rhino to sculpt away a small dorsal hump. It's been 7 months and my tip, which had not been operated on, has migrated south. One surgeon said he'll use ear cartilage graft to support the tip and to correct a retracted columella.The second recommends rib cartilage. I'm concerned about the strength & absorption rates of ear vs rib cartilage. Would this make my nose look larger? I'd like it to be smaller.Thanks

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Drooping Tip after Septorhinoplasty

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If septal cartilage is not available  I would use ear cartilage which is readily available. Strength is not a concern with ear cartilage because it can be layered. It is more difficult to harvest rib cartilage which is more painful after surgery and can result in an unfavorable scar in an obvious location.

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Revision rhinoplasty

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 Nasal septal cartilage would be the primary choice for a structural cartilage grafting necessary for droopy tip. Your  ear cartilage would be second best choice . It's also important wait at least one year before undergoing a revision rhinoplasty surgery such as this. It's also important to find out why the tip has drooped from the first surgery, before embarking on another rhinoplasty

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Grafting and a Smaller Tip

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    If you had no tip work performed on your first rhinoplasty, the tip may not need any grafting.  There are other effective ways to raise a tip, but an examination would be necessary.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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