Droopy, Hard Bump on my Areola. Is This Normal After Implant Replacement? (photo)

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Contour irregularities around an incision not uncommon for several weeks after breast augmentation.

In my opinion the hard not in the picture is probably due to swelling. If this is the case it will slowly recede over the next few weeks.

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Lump post exchange

It is not unusual to have little lumps or bumpos after surgery.I dont know how long post op you are but I would watch it and if it doesn't go away return to your sur    and have it looked at.geon

Robert Brueck, MD
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Droopy, Hard Bump on my Areola.

Photo shows this clearly, but this needs an in person exam to determine what it is. It could be a small fluid collection (blood or serum) a cyst, scar, fill valve of the implants. 

Reassurance will come from your surgeon.,   All the best. 

Bump after implants?

In general, you need an exam to be properly evaluated. However, in many cases if these are saline implants, it most likely represents the fill valve.  

Steven Wallach, MD
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Droopy, Hard Bump on my Areola. Is This Normal After Implant Replacement?

Great posted photo but as to a diagnosis very hard to determine over the internet. Could be scar tissue, implant fill port, or both, a lesion, a cyst. So best to be seen IN PERSON!! 

Lump around the areola after a breast augmentation

This firm mass may be related to your incision and some degree of scarring.  It does not appear to be an infection.  Make your plastic surgeon aware of the problem at your next visit.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Breast lump following implant replacement

It's hard to tell exactly what this is without an exam. It could be several possibilities including implant, seroma, or hematoma. I am sure your PS will diagnose this.

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