Are my Droopy Eyes Permanent?

HI - I had upper/lower eye surgery just five days ago. I don't think I have a lot of swelling but am so depressed that both my upper lids seem to be drooping. My eyes seem so small as a result. Please look at my before and afters and let me know if you think I may have an issue.

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Sad eyes after lower eyelid surgery

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Obviously you are very early after surgery and hopefully your eventual result will improve considerably. The most common cause of long term change in eyelid shape is performance of conventional lower eyelid blepharoplasty with removal of skin from the lower eyelid without supporting the lower eyelid. In our practice we perform an ultrashort incision cheeklift to improve this problem.

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Droopy eyes after bleph

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Dear Sad, it is far too soon to tell. It does appear significantly better than before surgery but there is still \some drooping. This is exaggerated by some mild post-op ectrpion. I would see your surgeon in the near future to see if there is anything going on and whether you may need taping, etc. It is still far too early to tell. Good luck.

Immediate appearance after a blepharoplasty

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Depending on what was performed in your upper and lower eyelid lift, you may experience continued swelling for the next 2-4 weeks. Your upper eyelid appears to be swollen, and this may affect your eyelid position. However, when the healing process has finished, you will likely be quite happy with your results and in your initial decision to proceed with the blepharoplasty. As a patient, it is extremely difficult not be critical of your immediate result, but after any surgery you have to wait until the tissues have completely healed and the swelling has gone.  Easier said than done, and you will be depressed about it until you see that your goal has been met. Best wishes.

Luis Zapiach, MD
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Revision blepharoplasty works.

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1) The best thing for the next four months is to be optimistic and hope for improvement. There is nothing to do right away anyway, and things may be distorted by swelling.

2) But I am afraid that, just going by your pictures, it looks like, eventually, you will want more skin removed from the outside of your upper lids. This will open up your eyes, and improve the sad look.

3) Of course , the outside of your upper eyelids was droopy before surgery, even with your nice smile. But this can be much improved with surgery.

4) The good news is that the position of your lower eyelids is good. When this is off, it is much harder to correct.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Post operative depression is common

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Dear Sad

It is very common to become blue after cosmetic surgery watching yourself heal.  The big issue of course is that healing from surgery takes us out of our routines.  Many individuals have mild clinical depression and the stress of surgery is the final straw.  In this state, it is very difficult to have perspective also known as insight.  Sensitive surgeons will take on these feelings directly.  Generally these feelings lift as you heal and typically are at their worst for 10-14 days-your milage will vary.

You upper eyelids are heavy and this early from surgery, it might be swelling.  Will this be permanent.  It very much depends on what happened at surgery.  If the tendon in the upper eyelid was injured, this would have a long term effect on the upper eyelid position.  Of course this can be repaired if necessary.

However, it is more likely that your eyelids are simply swollen.  As you heal this swelling resolves and the eyelid position improves.  Certainly do not pressure your surgeon to intervene too early because if you are patient, this issue may simply resolve on its own.  I have seen some very bad situations when the surgeon was pressured to intervene too early.  As difficult as it may sound to hear this, I would recommend waiting at least full six months before deciding if the upper eyelid are too low after this surgery. 

Please consider getting help for your depression if these negative feeling persist.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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