Droopy Eyelids Following Cheek Implants and Rib Graft Rhinoplasty? (photo)

3 weeks ago my 16 year old daughter had a rib graft rhinoplasty to lengthen and build up the height of the nose. The Dr. also placed cheek implants through the lower lids and bone compound through oral incisions. The lower lids are now drooping badly- especially noticable when she smiles. We are taping the eyelids upwards at night, along with massaging the tissue. Is there anything more we should be doing and is this usually permanent? I have attached before and after pics. We are very concerned.

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Some Droop

Work with your current surgeon for six weeks and see if the issue resolves.  If you are still not satisfied, seek a second opinion with an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon.

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Droopy eyelids after cheek implants.

Droopy eyelids after cheek implants can occur with the swelling. If after 4 weeks there is no improvement get a second opinion from an experienced facial plastic surgeon,

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Droopy lids following Cheek implants?

Your daughter is still early, this is not uncommon after this type of surgery. Your daughters eyelids should return to their natural position in a few weeks. Until then I would recommend following your doctors recommendations, good luck!

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