Droopy Eyelid After Botox?

I have been having Botox injected to the frown line for two years now and never had a problem the last injection was done on 12-01-2012 but my right eyelid drooped on 02-03-2012 and still droopy and feels heavy, I need to know if it's possible to have droopy eyelid in one eye only from Botox as it drooped several weeks after the injection, any explanation?is the eyelid droop caused by Botox?

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Droopy Lid

Ptosis, or a depression of the eyelid / brow generally occurs within one to two weeks after Botox injection. It is the result of weakening the brow elevator muscle group. This is temporary and resolves as the Botox "wears" off. There are prescription drops available that may help minimize the symptoms. What you describe however does no sound related to the botox as there was a two month lag between treatment and symptom onset. I would advise you to have an evaluation with a neuro-opthomoagist that can perform the necessary testing to identify the cause of your symptoms. 

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Eyelid Droop 2 months after Botox...

New-onset eyelid droop 2 months post-Botox is unlikely due to the Botox.  You should see a neuro-ophthalmologist to fully evaluate the etiology of the eyelid droop.  Botox-induced eyelid droop will typically occur within a few days of treatment or up to 7-10 days as the full effects of the Botox set in.  This far out, the eyelid droop may be due to other causes...

Good luck.

Botox and Droopy Eyelid

Droopy eyelid can result from the injection of Botox. This can happen in the event that excess Botox migrates to the muscles responsible for lifting the lid. 

However ptosis occurs within a one to two week time frame following your procedure. So I agree with the statements of my colleagues that the eyelid droop you are noticing two months after your injection may be due to another cause. This can be examined by a neurologist.

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Eye droop six weeks after Botox is probably not related to Botox

As you are precise with the date that you noticed your eye droop, one can imagine it was a sudden experience, not one that gradually developed and you hadn't noticed until then.  Botox-induced droops of eyebrows and eyelids usually occurs within the first two weeks of injection. I am not aware of a six week lag period with a droop after Botox. Please see your doctor to evaluate your specific condition. There may be multiple causes for this, but it should not be disregarded as there can be conditions that could be serious, so please investigate this with your doctors immediately.


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Drooping two months after Botox

Droooping of eyelid two months after a Botox injection is highly unlikely to be related to your Botox injection. I would suggests seeing a neurologists to rule out other causes such as Bells palsy for instance.

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Generally ptosis related to BOTOX will develop within the week after treatment.

You are clearly describing something that took place much later than this.  SInce your presentation is atypically, you should be assessed by a neuoro-ophthalmologist.  Call your general ophthalmologist or internist, describe what is going on and ask for an appropriate referral.  

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Drooping after Botox

If you are going to have ptosis from a Botox injection, it happens immediately, not this long after. Yes, it can happen in only one eye, but this isn't from Botox as it can't take this long for that to happen. The ptosis you are experiencing is from something else. Please see an oculoplastic specialist for further testing and evaluation.

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Droopy eyelid (ptosis) 2 months after Botox is probably unrelated to the injection

If you were to have a droopy eyelid (ptosis) after Botox, it would happen within the first week or so.  This long after the injection, you have to see an Ophthalmologist or Neurologist to investigate other reasons for this to happen.  The possible explainations are neurologic disease, idiopathic, tumor, MS, viral, so it might take a little testing to get to the bottom of it.

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