Droopy Eyelid Problem?

Dear Dr. I have droopy eyelid on one of my eyes , the otherone droops too if i relax my face i dont have ptosis and i already went to eye specialist , plastic surgeon they said i have assymetrical face,that one of my eyebrows is abit higher i dont notice that much difference but i see the assymetry, can blepharoplasty help me? thats my question and how do i know if i have too much eyelid skin? PS i mean eye shaped with upper skin falling on the eyelid i have on on eye but other droops always

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Droopy eyelid problem

Asymmetrical eyebrows will make the upper eyelids look quite asymmetrical as well and it is also important to note that there is no ptosis present as well.  During the blepharoplasty procedure surgery is performed to make the eyelids look more symmetrical.  On the saggy-type eye more fat and skin is usually removed on that side to make it balanced with the opposite side.  This is all done usually under a general anesthesia.

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Treatment of droopy or asymmetrical eyelids

Droopy and/or asymmetrical eyelids can have a number of causes including normal aging, facial asymmetry, as well as mechanical or neurologic eyelid ptosis.  In many cases more than one cause can be involved.  Due to these multiple issues, a blepharoplasty may help your situation.  However, you may also need to consider other options as well, such as eyelid ptosis surgery or a brow lift.  Be certain to discuss these issues/options with your surgeon.  Best wishes. 

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