Droopy Eyelid Post Surgery Caused by Eczema?

i got my 2nd revision incision double eyelid sugery bout 2 mnths ago.recently i got an allergy rash like eczema all over face and eyelids. i took prenisolone once the swelling slowly gone but my left eye is smaller, droopy and stretched,there is a tiny bit of excess skin above the lid especially on inner corner. same thing happend but it was my right eye inner corner that got droopy after the rash hence 2nd revision. is it possible tht the eczema rash ruined the procedure?Will it come back bigger in time?

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It is difficult question to answer, but likely not

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One episode of swelling likely will not affect the surgical results. If you having repeated bouts of swelling over and over again, that usually will lead to a permanent excess or stretched out skin.


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