Droopy Eyelid from Eyebrow Overplucking?

I'm guilty of frequently over plucking one of my eyebrows and I think it may have led to the skin under the brow becoming loose and thus a droopy eyelid. My other eyelid is normal so the droopiness is especially noticeable. I regret this hugely and have obviously decided to lay off plucking but am wondering if there are any kind of facial exercises or creams that could help to tighten the skin. i'm only 18 so perhaps the skin could repair itself if i leave it alone? please help, thank you!

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Droopy eyelid from overplucking eyebrows is unlikely

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At age 18 it is very unlikely that there is an excess amount of upperlid skin that requires a blepharoplasty.  The only wrinkle cream that is scientifically proven to help with fine lines is Retin-A which is a prescription available from your dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

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