Droopy Eyelids Caused by Botox?

How long does droopy eyelid last? I had a very small amount of Botox injected.

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Droopy eyelids after Botox or Dysport usually lasts no more than 4 weeks

Droopy eyelids after Botox or Dysport is uncommon, but if taken place, often a result of post-treatment massage or manipulation of injected area in the glabella (between eyebrows) and/or imprecise injection technique by a less than experienced clinical injector. Droopy eyelids or ptosis after botulinum toxin injection typically lasts no more than 4 weeks and reversal can be hastened with Visine eyedrops under the direction of a board-certified physician.

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Botox, drooping eyelids

Drooping eyelids (eyelid ptosis) after Botox may occur if the chemical weakens the muscle that naturally keeps your eye open. This effect usually resolves within a few weeks and rarely lasts the full 3-4 months that Botox lasts in the forehead. The reason for this is that presumably a much lower concentration of Botox has migrated away from its intended site.

There are some eyedrops to take to reverse this effect.

Please consult with your Botox provider or a board certified plastic surgeon for further treatment.

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Botox & eyelid

Occasionally some Botox gets into the muscle of the upper lid and causes it to droop.  While it may last the full 3 - 4 months the Botox lasts, it rarely does and generally clears up in a couple of weeks.

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Until Botox effect wear off

Eyelid droop can be corrected with a prescription eye drop (Iopidine 0.5%). This can help alleviate the droop within a few weeks to a month. You can also wait a couple of months for the effects of the Botox to wear off, at which point the droopiness will also go away.

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How long does a droopy eyelid last after Botox?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer this question without knowing how you normally react to Botox, and where and how many units exactly were injected to predict how much Botox inadvertently diffused onto your upper eyelid to cause the droop.

The good thing is that the eyelid droop is reversible and the rarely lasts as long as the complete duration of the Botox.  It may last as long as 1-2 months and can be helped some with Apraclonidine eyedrops.

Be sure to be seen your injecting physician to see if you are an appropriate candidate for the eye-drops.

Good luck.

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