Can ONE Droopy Eye Lid Being Fixed?

Hello, I would like to ask, if it would be possible to fix one droopy lid. When I was smaller, I had eczema on my right lid, what caused my eyelid got droopier (with extra crease) and lower my skin under brow. It caused me to have one brow lower than the other one and "smaller eye" look. I would be very happy if it would be possible to correct it. Thank you for your answers.

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Subtle ptosis

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You have very subtle eyelid ptosis on the right side, along with the double crease. It is possible that the eyelid ptosis is contributing to the extra crease, but if you used a lot steroid cream for your eyelid eczema growing up, that could cause tissue atrophy which might cause the eyelid crease asymmetry.

An evaluation by an oculoplastics surgeon would help clarify this. See the link below to find one near you.

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Crease asymmetry

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The extra fold on the right upper lid can be corrected. Your best bet is to consult with a facial plastic or ophthalmic plastic surgeon. I would not recommend doing anything with the brows other than trying some Botox to lower the left brow or raise the right.

Peter T. Truong, MD
Fresno Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Droopy eyelid repair.

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You have one droopy eyelid with a minimal amount of asymmetry. You are the only one notices this. You should not have any surgery for this even though you can find a surgeon that will tell you that you need it.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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You have beautiful eyes.

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You appear to be very young in appearance and should decide in real life whether or not these eyelid asymmetries are significant enough to you or really visible to others to warrant surgery. It is difficult to determine this from these photographs. Adjustment of your right eyebrow position with Botox may be enough. Plastic surgery can minimize the double crease and can even improve the very mild ptosis present, but decide whether the small gains may be worth the extra scar.

Mark Anton, MD, FACS
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Can ONE Droopy Eye Lid Being Fixed?

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The issue your are concerned about is very hard to see. I agree with Dr Mayer it would be a poor choice to have surgery at this time! 

Minimal unilateral ptosis

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Your degree of ptosis is minimal and it would be difficult if not impossible to gain absolute symmetry with surgery.  This may never get worse.  I would give it more time before you consider a surgical option.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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