Droopy Double Eyelid After Both Double Eyelid Surgery & DST Method- Causes?

I had incisional double eyelid surgery 2 years ago. 1year later , I did the stitching DST method on one eye to raise the double eyelid height at it's centre. Right now,both my double eyelid has dropped in height. What could be the possible reasons? I have been having late nights for the past one year. Could that be the reason and how?

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Late nights-no.

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Suture methods for creating double eyelids are relatively convenient methods.  However, they lack longevity.  A year is really all that one can expect.  Longevity beyond this time frame is really just a bonus.  I would recommend a detailed oculoplastic surgery assessment.  Generally the best option is a precisely performed anchor blepharoplasty by an expert eyelid surgeon.

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Late nights not the reason

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Your late nights have no impact on the eyelid surgery.  Asian lid crease surgery can be variable depending on the technique and the surgeon. You would need to be re-evaluated by an Oculoplastics surgeon with experience in Asian eyelid surgery. It would be beneficial to have the operation report from the old surgeries present to give your surgeon a better idea of prior techniques attempted.


Good luck.

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