Drooping Left Eyelid. Ptosis? (photo)

When I was younger my left eye is amblyopic but both eyes are of equal size. started wearing contact lenses 2yrs ago and realised that my left eyelid kept drooping down. Went for full eye examination;no abnormal growth or whatsoever. But I can feel smth on my left eyelid whenever i blink/feels kinda heavy/like its restricting me from opening. Any ways/surgery that will help to make my both eyelids equal?? pic of my eyes looking at different gazes/smiling.

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Droopy left eyelid

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Your droopy left eyelid is most likely due to a condition called blepharoptosis or ptosis.  The mechanism that lifts the eyelid is not as tight as your right side.  Since your droop is mild you could choose to do nothing.  If you want it corrected, then you need to see a surgeon that does levator advancement.  The surgery involves tightening up of the eyelid lifter.  I hope this helps.

Honolulu Plastic Surgeon


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Looking at your photos, the most significant feature is the lid crease asymmetry: your left upper eyelid crease is not quite as well formed as the right side. That is sometimes a feature seen in patients with ptosis, but looking at your photo, it will be a stretch to call your left upper eyelid ptotic [droopy]. There is about a  0.5 mm difference between your left eyelid and your right eyelid, so most surgeons would not recommend ptosis repair surgery at this time, though you could consider lid crease reformation surgery on the left upper eyelid if that asymmetry is bothering you.

The extremely mild ptosis [left compared to right] could worsen with time however, and at that time surgery could be considered.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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