Best Treatment for Sagging Jowls After Facelift?

What is "best" treatment for drooping jowls and neck, 3 years post SMAS Face Lift and platysma plication?

For the goal of obtaining long term results, what procedure/technique is best for a jaw line that is drooping and a neck that is sagging in a 50ish woman?

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Jowls and loose neck after SMAS lift

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This is a difficult question because usually the best treatment for sagging jowls and a loose neck is a SMAS lift and platysma plication. If you did not obtain the desired result you had hoped for, there are many other possible reasons why this occurred. Did you discuss this with your surgeon and what were the options? Do you have excessive skin laxity, sun damage, history of tobacco use, massive weight gain/loss, etc.

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You may need another surgery

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From what you are describing, there isn't a great non-surgical way to improve the jowls and neck laxity without surgery. There are many non-invasive techniques available, but none work dramatically. Without a picture it isn't possible to be more specific. You might check back with your surgeon for suggestions.

The gold standard is a secondary face lift

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The gold standard is a secondary face lift that would address the neck, jowls, etc..

If surgery is not an option, more conservative procedures like laser skin tightening might help. It will never give a complete result. Atlanta has excellent face lift surgeons and I'm sure that you will find someone to help with this.

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